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 Our Design System allows you to make adjustments in real time so you can tweak until you have an optimal panel design. 



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$4.00 Each...  Choose from Raised Panel, Recessed Panel and or Shaker Style Panels



 Award Winning Custom Wainscoting

Purchasing premium custom Wainscoting will be easy, fast and affordable. Our panels have been featured in many Award Winning homes and are manufactured with premium MDF that will look beautiful in your home.

You can now design custom panels in minutes with our innovative Design, Price & Order system.  Click the product links below to start your custom designs;

Custom Wainscoting Styles

Choose from 5 Wainscoting styles for the same affordable price!

Go to the Wainscoting Profiles page for cross section details.


Wainscoting America Videos

View our Overview and How To Videos for additional information on our innovative Panels

Beautiful Samples

If you are not sure which profile is right for your project you can order samples.


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Why buy a kit... Have your Wainscoting panels made to fit!


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Our knowledgable staff is here to provide builders, remodelers, architects, designers and DIY (do it yourself) homeowners with premium support through design, order and installation phases of your custom design project.  Support 7 days a week.



Raised Panel Staircase Panels

Staircase Wainscoting has never been easier!  With a few key measurements you can have custom fabricated wainscoting panels to the exact slope and diagonal length. Your panels will fit perfectly and you will have a grand staircase leading to your foyer!


Design System is the Best in the Industry

With just 4 key measurements you can design your elegant staircase wainscoting panels.

Key Measurements;1) Length, 2) Height, 3) Rise, and 4) Run





One Piece Design

Our Beaded Raised Panel, Classic Raised Panel, Beaded Recessed Panel, Classic Recessed Panel, and Shaker panels are precision milled with the latest technology that creates beautiful profiles with crisp clean corners.

This design configuration is superior to conventional panels that are assembled with stiles, rails and inner panel components, because there are no stile or rail joints that are prone to expansion and contraction paint cracks. 

You will save time and money because the installation and painting process is simplified. It is better to buy custom panels that are made to your wall dimensions and are one piece in sections up to 90 inches in length.

Design your custom raised panels in minutes and we will ship them in 3 to 5 Business Days!


American Beadboard Premium Beadboard: 5/8" Thick


A Cut Above The Rest  


8 Foot Kit With Poplar Top Cap & Base Molding

Save 17% with 8 Foot Kit **** $135.00/kit

Go to order page for more details.



Window and Door Trim

Our Design System incorporates elegant Pediment Heads & Fluted Pilasters with plinth blocks for your windows and doors.


Choose from two pediment head styles and 3 1/2", or 5" wide fluted pilaster widths to trim your windows and doors.


Ordering your.Pediment Heads & Fluted Pilasters are easy. Measure the jamb to jamb width, select your pediment head style and pilaster width. With this jamb to jamb dimension the design system will size the pediment head and align the fluted pilasters so that there will be a 1/4" reveal between the pilasters and the jamb molding.


3 1/4" Top Cap with Chair Rail Molding - Poplar Wood

The beautiful profile of our Top Cap/Chair Rail Molding is milled from one piece of poplar hard wood.  Poplar is a medium weight wood with good strength and great painting characteristics.







  "impeccable furniture quality knot-free wood" ... Tony 6⁄19⁄16  


1 5/8"Top Cap with Chair Rail Molding - Poplar

The Top Cap Molding provides a simple and elegant look to your wainscoting.  This intricate molding is custom manufactured specifically for our custom panels. 


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In the upper right corner you can click on Client Login. Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to save your orders and the shipping costs will be itemized at the bottom of the cart. If you don't have an account you can Create an Account for US and Canadian address very quickly.


Design Ideas

For additional deisgn ideas view our Customer Testimonials page, our Wainscoting Ideas page and our Wainscoting Picture Gallery



Beaded Raised Panel Cross Section

Our Panels are manufactured with premium 5/8" MDF, chosen for its superior milling properties and surface qualities. 

Green: Contains 100% Recycled / Recovered Wood Content 



Default Stile and Rail Widths
Stile / Rail Type   
Flat Width
Left Stile
Middle Stile
Right Stile
Top Rail
Bottom Rail 7.5"

Our panels are custom so you can change the default stiles and rails to accomodate your design requirements.



Wainscoting Reverse Molding


Occasionally you run into situations where an outlet or a heating/cooling vent can not be moved and they intersect an inner panel rout of your wainscoting. 


Our reverse molding can be cut to the length required and glued in place to fill the rout void.


Will ship a couple of feet of this reverse molding with every order.



About Wainscoting America

Our team of professional craftsman have years of experience designing and installing millwork in greater Connecticut. Wainscoting was launched in 2009 to sell award winning Wainscoting across the US and Canada.

Wainscoting America millwork is manufactured by Castlewood LLC, 770 Bound Line Road, Wolcott, Connecticut  06716

  Phone: 888-536-0002 "The sales people were very helpful on the phone." ... Robert 2⁄19⁄18